Xbox Kinect games for kids under 5

Some of you had asked what games we think are safe, fun and wholesome for kids under 5.
There are a lot more games targeted to this age group now than it was before. Games like Sesame Street, Kinectimals, Happy Action Theater are increasingly popular with kids in this age group.
In general it is safe to say that unlike Wii and other games that have something to hold in hands and has the potential to be hurled at people or TV, Kinect has no such issue.
So, physically it is a safe bet.
As far as content, level of difficulty and age appropriateness goes, the following are the games our community has tried and liked so far.
A larger list of games we recommend for kids listed by age (toddler, 5 years, 10 year, 10 + years) is here.

Your kid’s age I recommend Why
Typical Sesame Street age. I would say 3-6 years is the sweetspot If the kids already like Sesame Street on TV, why not make is more fun? This keeps them physically active and offers some simple learning as well
  • Visually compelling for this age group
  • Controls and tasks well designed
This bundle has one toddler-friendly game and the other is for a bit older kids This bundle deal at Amazon is the best deal out there. We think they will sell out at this price.
  • Visually compelling for this age group
  • Controls and tasks well designed
4 years or older, specially if they love Disneyland Disneyland
  • For kids who have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld, this is very familiar feel
  • Easy to play and enjoy the Disney highlights
3 years or older(OK. may be an overactive yet patient 2 year old as well) Kinectimals
  • Visually compelling for this age group
  • Controls and tasks well designed
3 years or older(I think this game has a nice range. 3 to 8 year olds would love this equally) Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster
  • They love Elmo? They ought to have this one!
  • They get to play with a buddy. Interactive, fun and gives them something physical to do
3 years or older. This game also caters to a nice range of ages. Toddlers to 6, 7, 8 year olds Fantastic Pets
  • They will love the range of the pets. Unicorns, dragons, dogs/cats….
  • They will like how their living rooms are merged in to a fantasy world on TV. Very exciting
6 years plus Kinect Sports 2 Kinect Sports Season Two
  • Gets them to be very physical. We like the variety of sports
  • Setting to make it easy or challenging is a plus

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