Xbox Kinect games for teenagers and tweens

Noami asked us if we would recommend any Kinect games for her 12 year old. A game that would keep him entertained for hours.  We really wish there was one. Here is our dilemma. There are very few games that a typical tweenager would love, let alone play for hours. I think Xbox team is working on this though. They have announced pre-orders for Star Wars on Kinect.

Here are the ones we would consider for a tween / teenager. We would love your feedback soon so we can add these to our list of recommended games.

Dance games: If your kids love dancing and have others to join them in the fun, these dance games come highly recommended. We own Dance Central 2 at home and we played Just Dance 3 at a friend’s place. Both are good, our personal preference is Dance Central because it has easier navigation and good songs.Overall, both are fun games that get your kids active while having a blast with dancing.

WipeOut in the Zone: This is the game version of the popular ABC show with the same name. Best part of this game is that it will keep your 10 year old active and sweat it out playing. Some of the challenges are fun, but we really dont think this is a game that will keep kids interested for too long. Check it out here

Gunstringer: Note this game is rated 13 years or older. This is a fun game with a lots of action, jumping, shooting (cowboy style of course) and some very original Kinect tactics while playing. We love this game, but have to warn you that not all kids will enjoy this. It is a taste thing.

Here are things we like about this game:

  • Ori9inality: the game is well designed with Kinect in mind.  Good, easy and fun controls. Navigation and play is intuitive. Game maker Twisted Pixel does a great job of colors, landscapes and concepts
  • Humor: if you kids love funny games, this is very funny.
  • Two player support: if you have more than one kid, the second one can easily join and leave with no difficulty
  • It comes with a bonus of Fruit Ninja downloadable game!

Here are things you may want to be aware of :

  • It is rated T for language, innuendo and some violence. Officially for 13 plus years.
  • Game is on the shorter side. If you kids are avid gamers, they will finish this in 4-5 hours.

Check it out here: Amazon still seems to have the bonus Fruit Ninja option

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